Tuesday, June 24, 2008

'08 YSP Update...sort of

Here are a few pictures taken from the first couple of days at Youth Sing Praise. Since I (Shannon) am not actually at YSP this year, I have no frame of reference for these pictures, so I'll just take a guess as to what's happening in them:

This one's pretty obvious, although it wouldn't be hard (with Photoshop) to erase what's actually on the card and write something else. We could change it to read "Oddwalk is awesome!" or "I love my husband, even when he rips his pants wide open on stage in front of several hundred middle school students".
Here, Orin tries to convince a fellow YSP staffer that his degree in Folklore and Mythology has truly been the secret ingredient for his rise to rock stardom.

After careful review of the manual, Brad and Melissa are horrified to discover that YSP actually stands for "Youth Shaving Platypi". So that's why they're always trying to sneak off. Who knew?

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