Sunday, June 8, 2008

Guest Contributer - The Good "Old" Days

Hell0 All!

This is Erin - Orin's Erin. I thought I would help the boys out by guest blogging for them. They are both busy vacationing, working, and writing music. Also - the summer camps like Youth Sing Praise and Young Neighbors in Action are upon us but I'm sure they will keep you updated.

I was cleaning up my iphoto library and found some great pictures of Orin and Shannon taken from the road... The road in Biloxi, Mississippi to be exact.

I have traveled with them on many a trip (this particular time they were featured speakers for the Diocese of Biloxi CYO Conference). I must say - surprisingly - it is a bit comparable to life on the road with a rock band: (as I've done that, too) lots of driving, lots of truck stop bathrooms, and lots of hotel breakfasts. The major travel difference is that I'm NOT the only girl anymore.

But I digress...

Oddwalk's Five song CD Little Steps was named on this trip. (After an excruciating 15 hour car ride of discarded titles and a John Tesh concert - that is a story for another time...)

We began this day with a healthy breakfast at IHOP (Rooti Tooti Fresh and FRUITY - see fruit is healthy)

Not sure why I was getting the dirty looks because I certainly wasn't the one wearing a sailor hat)

This was my drink from the Blow Fly Inn - The fly is fake - Orin and Shannon put it in my water glass. The Blow Fly Inn is no longer there, neither is most of the shoreline of Biloxi - The people there still need our prayers and our help!

So that is a glimpse into life on the road with Oddwalk. There is much more craziness but more often than not - really boring car rides and Orin and Shannon overestimating their 'funny-ness factor.'

Nevertheless - I'm honored to meet many wonderful people and see "The Church" as the Universal Body that it is...

I think Journey sums it up quite eloquently...

" 'Cause lovin' a music man ain't always what it supposed to be..."

Have a safe and blessed summer,


  1. I had my hopes set on a picture of Orin crying getting a haircut. But Shannon in a sailor hat had ME crying, so I guess we're even.

  2. Ha! Ha! Funny Ricky! Erin...I don't know about you sometimes! :) I for one would LOVE to travel with Oddwalk! :P And I don't know about "overestimating their funny-ness factor." They always make me laugh! :D