Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bris Milah!

Yesterday, Orin had the honor of attending his first bris!  Well, it wasn't mine (thankfully), just that it was the first on I'd ever been to.  The Cantor at the Temple where I accompany services on many Friday nights and Saturday mornings, Seth Warner and his wife Shayna had a baby boy, Isaac Asher, last Monday.  And, just like it had been done unto Jesus (see Luke 2:21), they brought him to the Temple.

I thought I would be there merely as an observer, but shortly before the service began, the Mohel (the Rabbi who performs the ceremony) asked if I would take some pictures and handed me a camera.  So I did.  Here are a few of them, there are more here.  None are too graphic, if you get my drift.

Congratulations Warner family!

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