Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The "Orin Johnson Maneuver"?

Doing a little ego surfing over lunch, I (Orin) was a bit surprised that google turned up something called the "Orin Johnson Maneuver" in its list of hits.

So, I call on our readers, before visiting the particular page, to take some guesses as to what the "Orin Johnson Maneuver" is exactly.  Here are your only hints: the references are found in a book.  Here are a couple critical passages from the pertinent section:

Happy guessing (leave your answers in the comments)!  And once you have, find the true solution right over here.


  1. It's probably an instructional manual on how to properly, and tastefully (no pun intended) lick a keytar in the middle of a face melting solo at a youth event.

  2. Well, that was CLOSE to what I was going to say. I say Orin's big Keytar solo dance. The one when he's all over the floor...without the pants ripping. :-D Marianne...you said it. It's one of those face melting solos. With my favorite (and theme!) song..."Jammin' with Jesus!"