Saturday, June 14, 2008

A More Different "Christ Reigns" - Let the Smack-Talking Begin!

Via the blog, a few posts down, we received a note from a composer of another entry into the NCYC 2009 Theme Song contest.  You can listen to Greg's entry here - it has a nice, Irish-ish melody and thoughtful lyrics.  Visit his blog here or his main site here.

Coincidentally, Greg has written some music and a chapter of a book waiting to be published by...  GIA, the same folks we worked with for our latest CD and the forthcoming songbooks and octavos.

A reminder that you can listen to our entry, "Christ Regins" on the pOddcast, available in the gcast window in the blog sidebar, or over at our main site.

And since Greg extended a similar invitation (in good humor, certainly) to his readers, let us make this offer to ours: 

So now, our dear readers, you can judge for yourselves who should win this contest: us, or our new internet friend Greg (or presumably the many other dozens of entries...).  May the best man (or woman, right Joia?) win! (Feel free to inundate our competitor’s blog with smack talk comments.)


  1. Wait a minute--you don't have any rabid fans that are going to bash in my mailbox or anything, do you? As for me, I don't have any fans, so you should be safe!



  2. I just got word that I'm out of the running. How sad and humiliating. There were only 26 entries and I didn't even get into the top 4 that were sent on for final judging! I hope you had better luck than me...