Thursday, June 5, 2008

pOddcast Two-fer!

Today on the pOddcast - not just one, but two new entries: different versions of the same song, "Christ Reigns," written by Orin.  If you think you've heard that phrase somewhere before, you're quite right.  Among lots and lots of scripture passages, it is also the theme of the 2009 National Catholic Youth Conference, and Oddwalk is again submitting a song in the theme song competition.  The first one you'll hear is the fast, anthem-esque version.  Then, the second one is a sample of the more prayerful slower version.  Both borrow a familiar phrase from Handel's "hallelujah Chorus."  Helping us on vocals is Orin's friend and coworker, Megan Higgins.  Take a listen, and enjoy (hopefully)!

As always, find the pOddcast in the gcast window of the blog sidebar, or at the main site.

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