Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Now On "mtraks" Too!

So we just discovered that "Walk Away Different" is now digitally available at something called mtraks.com - seems like an okay place for inexpensive music.  Whoever GIA has working on digital distributions has been busy lately!  We hope iTunes isn't too far behind...

And Now, A Young Korean Boy Sings "The Beatles"

If you click through to YouTube, there's much much more!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

"This song will change your life"

So, lately we've been telling folks, when we perform "Matilda the Gorilla," that the song will change their lives, and that they'll be singing it in the shower the next day - not that we'd be there to check.  Anyway.  Check out, below, the comments made on our YouTube video of Matilda at February's LA Congress:

Hope you don't really get into too much trouble...

Oddwalk & Social Networking Goodness

Hey all!  We have a couple online social networking sorts of announcements --

1) We recently updated our myspace page to be a myspace music page.  We may have lost a few friends in the process.  If you're one of those, or haven't been our friend over there, check us out at: myspace.com/oddwalk

2) While we've had presences on Facebook individually and through Facebook groups, we recently created a new Facebook fan page, which you can find here: www.facebook.com/pages/Oddwalk-Ministries/20767261799

So, if you're in to social networking online or would like to be, check us out!

PS - It was Shannon & Erin's 5th anniversary today!  Congrats!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


If I (Orin) had an iPhone, this is the sort of thing I'd do...

More on our Friend David

Our friend David (whom we've blogged about before) has been studying in Rome for a couple years as he prepares to be a priest for the Oblates of Mary Immaculate.  Here, he's featured in the USA OMI's most recent newsletter.  Click the graphic to read or to see the photo more closely.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Festival of Faith Pictures

The Diocese of Orlando, Fl Festival of Faith a couple weeks ago brought in 3,100 8th-12th graders, and 30,000 people overall! They posted a few pictures of us in a slideshow at their site, here they are, as best as we can show them:

Young people streaming into the convention center - even though word had gotten out by then that we were there.

We think that's us on stage.  That appears to be Shannon's large head on the comparatively small jumbotron, anyway.

Orin about to embark on the "squirm around on the ground" portion of his big keytar solo.  No pants were harmed (this time) in the making of the big keytar solo.  Theo looks amused.

The big keytar solo comes to a fitting end - note the video camera which appears to have gotten the perfect shot.  We're not sure if he or the palm trees enjoyed the solo as much as Theo.

Monday, May 19, 2008

"Walk Away Different" now on amazon & emusic!

Great news from Oddwalk! Our latest CD, "Walk Away Different" with GIA Publications is now available online at two sources (sorry, no iTunes yet, but we think it may be close):


You have to be a subscriber to get our tunes from emusic, but at amazon.com, you can buy each track, DRM-free, for 99 cents, or the whole CD for just $8.99! We would also appreciate it if anyone felt compelled to offer a nice review of the CD at Amazon - somehow we think they'd be more believable from someone not already on the CD.

Oddwalk on imeem.com

Oddwalk now is listed at another networking site, imeem.com - you can find our profile at imeem.com/oddwalk - you can also find us listed in the stable of GIA artists if you click here.

We're new to imeem, and our account is very basic at the moment, but it appears to be a good site for social networking strongly leaning toward audio, images, and video.  We'll see if we develop the account over there or not over time.  But we still wanted to let you all know!

Are you alive?

Seen on our friend Jared's Facebook profile:

"Here is a test to find whether your mission on Earth is finished: If you're alive, it isn't. "

— Richard Bach

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Misinterpreting Bad Punctuation Since 2005

Discovered this a bit ago, http://quotation-marks.blogspot.com/ - mostly looks at pictures of misused quotation marks on signs and tries to figure out what they might mean.  Enjoy!

Come on over, baby, a whole lotta shoes goin' on

It seems like half of our blog content these days come from our friend Mike.  He sent us the link to this video he said reminded him of us.  We're guessing it's because of the cover shot of our latest CD, Walk Away Different.  Well, specifically because of the feet of Ben Hampson on out latest CD, Walk Away Different.

So, anyway, here's this video - see if you notice the resemblance.

looking down. from hrrrthrrr on Vimeo.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sad Trombone

Click here, then click play.

Thanks to Mike!

Theo in New York

If you've been around Oddwalk long enough, you've probably seen us with our friend Theo Harden playing bass. Theo is one of the best musicians we know and we never hesitate to give him a solo during one of our shows. While I can't find a picture of Theo, here's a cool YouTube video of our man making things up off the top of head:

Recently, Theo moved to New York City as part of a band that is trying to "make it big". The band supports an artist named Zack Weber. If you're interested in following what Theo's up to, click here:

We're very excited for Theo and wish him the best of luck!

Where's Oddwalk?

You've heard of Where's Waldo?  Well, here's a "Where's Oddwalk?"  Susan Fowler has helped with the Shrine's Earth Day celebrations many times, and always draws up a remembrance of the days just like this one.  Earth Man and The Other Guy were there again this year, and are a part of the memories.  Can you find us?

May 9 Pictures, Part the Second

The evening of May 9, after the morning in Orlando and the flight home, orin graduated from Aquinas Institute with his Masters in Theology.  Here are a few pics, thanks to Orin's wife Erin and friend Jen.

Orin played some music at the ceremonies

Orin's Dad and Erin's parents and brother were there.

Orin receives his diploma from Fr. Rick

Erin, Orin and Orin's Dad just after the proceedings

May 9 Pictures, Part the First

While we got some awesome video and many other folks were taking some pictures during our set, those will have to wait for another day.  So, here are a few pictures Orin took with his phone the beginning of a busy May 9.

The view from the back of the hall.  3,100 were in attendance that day.

The hall just beginning to fill, and the stage.

Closer view of the stage area.  We're not used to drums and bass as part of the day!

On the flight home, Orin snapped this picture of a weary father with a sticker on his head.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

May 9 - Busy Day

Oddwalk, on May 9, began the day in front of 3,100 8th trough 12th graders from the Diocese of Orlando Florida at their Festival of Faith, celebrating 40 years as a diocese.  Orin immediately following the set got on a plane back to St. Louis so he could graduate from Aquinas Institute of Theology with his Masters!

Photos to follow - today we're just going to enjoy the party in the park (the rain is supposed to avoid us until later - yay!) and the last couple days of Orin's Dad in town.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dad & Wii Update

Just a quick note to say that Orin's Dad now routinely beats him badly at Wii Pool.  His dad did own a pool hall once upon a time, though...

Oddwalk is off today for a 24 hour jaunt to Orlando, and back to St. Louis for Orin's graduation and party!  More later...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Orin's Dad Visiting

Orin's Dad arrived in St. Louis saturday, and is staying for about 9 days.  Yesterday's activities included:

Feeding goats milk at Grant's Farm

Feeding more goats more milk at Grant's Farm

Feeding goats Orin's cargo shorts at Grant's Farm

Dad looks at the bald eagles

Dad is a pretty darn good Nintendo Wii bowler!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Full, Conscious, and Active?

Indexed, a blog that tells it like it is with little charts and graphs every day, re-examines that "conscious" part anyway:

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Good Sportswomanship

Oregon College softball player Sara Tucholsky  hit the ball out of the park against Central Washington but tore a knee ligament while rounding first base. It's not a home run unless she makes it home, and she couldn't walk and her own teammates, according to the rules, couldn't help her, so two Central Washington players - the opposing team - carried her around the bases.

Little Portion Hermitage Fire

Two days ago, the secular monastery where Catholic musician John Michael Talbot and others live and pray suffered a horrible fire and two buildings, the worship space and the common space mostly burned to the ground.  You can read more here and here.  The losses were great, physically and spiritually.  They hope to rebuild, and when they do, they hope to rebuild "green."  Donations to the order can be made here.