Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Festival of Faith Pictures

The Diocese of Orlando, Fl Festival of Faith a couple weeks ago brought in 3,100 8th-12th graders, and 30,000 people overall! They posted a few pictures of us in a slideshow at their site, here they are, as best as we can show them:

Young people streaming into the convention center - even though word had gotten out by then that we were there.

We think that's us on stage.  That appears to be Shannon's large head on the comparatively small jumbotron, anyway.

Orin about to embark on the "squirm around on the ground" portion of his big keytar solo.  No pants were harmed (this time) in the making of the big keytar solo.  Theo looks amused.

The big keytar solo comes to a fitting end - note the video camera which appears to have gotten the perfect shot.  We're not sure if he or the palm trees enjoyed the solo as much as Theo.

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