Monday, September 24, 2007

Shannon's Take on the "Tear"able Keytar Solo

As Orin mentioned, there are several teens who went home Saturday with a different take on the Youth Day theme, "Eyes on the Prize".

Anyone who has seen us do "Jammin' with Jesus" knows that, during that song, we enter into a whole other level of ridiculousness. Saturday was no different.

We got to the part of the song that we usually do the solo and Orin stepped into rock star-mode. To the delight of 400 teens, Orin wailed on, rocked, and even licked the Keytar, during the solo.

As he was scooting around on his back, I looked down and saw more than I ever wanted to see. Orin had a rip in his pants the size of Texas and he was displaying his underpants for all to see. Erin Brennan, one of the Shrine staff members also reported seeing a horrified look on the face of a young girl who was right up front. Since Erin didn't get a picture of that girl, I've included the picture you see here. It probably looked a lot like that.

Once I realized the problem, I yelled for Erin (Orin's wife) and then alerted Orin to his breezy situation. The rest is history, or soon will be.

The thing I regret most about the whole event, is not taking the opportunity to auction off his ripped pants later in the day. I'll bet we could have made a good chunk of change at Orin's expense. It would have been a great way to raise money for charity. Oh well...maybe we'll do it the next time he rips his pants in front of hundreds of people.


  1. Look at it this least you guys will have something interesting to tell David Letterman/Jay Leno/Conan O'Brien/Craig Ferguson/Matt Lauer/The View Ladies/Ellen Degeneres/Maury Povich/Jerry Springer/Judge Judy on his/her/their show!

  2. Glad you heed the Shrine rule about having two layers between you and the rest of the world.

  3. The purple cloth to cover the pants-wound was my idea. I assured Orin he looked just like Stephen Tyler from Aerosmith. And, yes, that is a good approximation of the look on the girl's face. -Erin B

  4. a piece of me died that day....

    I saw it before Shannon did. Instead of notifying anyone, I hopped around trying to play bass. Actually, I think the drummer and I performed admirably considering the wardrobe malfunction in front of us.