Monday, September 24, 2007

That Rippin' Keytar Solo We Mentioned

From Orin's perspective - Shannon's views will arrive later on today.

So, on Saturday, Oddwalk at the Shrine Youth Day Celebration played "Jammin' with Jesus" as part of our set.

Somewhere in the middle of the usual on-stage hysterics involved with a proper keytar solo, Orin's pants ripped. Not just a little, not just on a seam, but about a foot and a half right down the front, from beside the zipper down to the knee.

The pictures, snapped by Erin C, don't really do the damage justice. As I was really focused on the solo, I didn't even know it had happened until after striking the final pose, which itself is unfortunate. A clever placement of the keytar enabled me to finish the song and then head backstage while I waited for Erin H to run to the Kmart nearby and pick up some replacement jeans. In the meantime, I wrapped some spare purple cloth around the affected areas.

It was a moment that I, Oddwalk, the band, and about 400 junior high youth will probably never forget.

Now, that's what we call a really rippin' keytar solo!


  1. two words: Scarred for life.
    Permanent brain damage.
    Neither of those were two words.

  2. That was fast.

    Do you want a chance to share your perspective too (in more that two or three words)?

  3. Maybe THAT'S why I wasn't able to go! God was protecting me from that! :D