Friday, September 7, 2007

Junior Oddwalkian Fashion Show!

Oddwalk received a gift certificate to an online custom clothes store, so we got Madeleine and Noah their own embroidered Oddwalk gear. Now they can show up to work one day wearing the same thing too. Shannon and Orin got satchels.


  1. I assume by "satchels" you mean "ruck sacks"...or perhaps "man bags"...or "man purses"....definitely "man purses."

  2. Yup...I agree..."man purses!" :D Am I going to see one of these at the rally??? Hmm...

    I have to say Shannon, your kids are ADORABLE! Where does that come from??? Hee! Hee! And uh...where's my shirt??? lol Just kidding! Love you guys!

  3. Satchels. The end.