Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Scenes from a Rippin' Keytar Solo, etc.

Thanks to Erin B (at the Shrine) for the pics. We've only posted a few of them here - none of them, unfortunately, capture the essence of the event in its fullest glory.

Perhaps this was the moment of truth, though Shannon says it happened long before this part of the big solo. Observe the amusement of the drummer, Joe, and the young man in black.

Even while striking the final pose, the damage isn't too noticeable.

The next day, Dakota (owner of the well-worn Oddwalk shirt) from Teen Team plays a little air keytar. Really, it's an inflatable keytar.

Oddwalk assists Short Circuit Entertainment at the dance. I'm not sure the "Belly-Rub" is going to catch on though.

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