Monday, July 16, 2007

YNIA STL Day One Pics

Once again, connectivity this week is high, so I (Orin) hope to put up a few pics every day from YNIA St. Louis. This is the same program I did a couple weeks ago in Tijuana MX, just a different time, location, staff, and participants. I am prayer and music coordinator again this week.

Participants meet in sharing teams (made up of a cross section of adults and youth from every youth group) in a common area at Saint Louis University High School

Participants hear a little about their week ahead from Program Director Jane.

Participant journals scattered about the ground during team introductions outside (I think that's a bunch of Nebraskans in the background).

The participants from St. Bernards in Appleton, Wisconsin introduces themselves to the rest of the group. They're showing a piece of chalk art they created, each drawing a little puzzle piece.

Our little corner of the beautiful chapel at SLUH (more pics of it later this week) set up for Sunday night prayer.

That's it for Sunday - more of course will come, especially as today we visit work sites for the first time and continue to learn more about Catholic Social Justice teaching. Please keep all of us in prayer again this week!

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