Tuesday, July 10, 2007

In a world where wedding videos get creepy little trailers...

Orin's wife Erin's friend Stephanie got married to Patrick a couple weeks ago, and Erin was the whatever-of-honor. The videographer made this little clip montage for them.  It's funny, if a little weird.  Watch for the amazing talents of co-star Erin!


  1. Judging by the music, I was disappointed that no one was running from spies, jumping off of buildings or blowing something up. I'd skip this movie (in spite of beautiful and talented Erin H).
    -Erin B

  2. All this was missing was the-movie-voice-over-guy, that would have given the overall trailer more hype. And can we talk about how the photography did not do Erin H's shoes any justice? Obviously if you have to choose between making a bride the focal point of a wedding video or hot pink platform shoes, worn by the whatever of honor, you choose the shoes.