Friday, July 13, 2007

Update on the Polls

So, a healthy 20 folks have voted on our new Oddwalk Poll (over in the sidebar) as this is being written - and the inanimate object, the Oddwalk Keytar currently holds a slim lead, tied with Oddwalk's Wives. We wanted to bring to your attention a couple aspects of the poll that may not have been clear at first:

1) You may vote for more than one favorite (i.e. 'Orin' and 'Matilda the Gorilla') if you like.

2) You may change your vote at any time while the poll is still active - say, for instance, Shannon steals all your lunch money one day and is no longer amongst your favorite members of Oddwalk.

This is all, please resume normal activities...


  1. What if Shannon stole my lunch money, but I had no internet access? I guess I could just Nanner him! HAHAHAHAHA!

  2. You get a free nanner if I win in this poll

  3. Only 6 days left and Shannon has pulled back into the lead! But it's still anybody's game! Except probably Matilda the Gorilla with only 5 votes...poor Matilda.