Thursday, July 5, 2007

Many Day 4 YNIA Pics

Lots of pictures, and lots to say, can't say it all. At the OMI Mission in La Morita, outside of Tijuana, met with Bros. Webert and Helacio, to practice music for Thursday's mass. Also talked with Fr. Nick and "Padre Guapo."

Also did some work. With Mike, we built a little gate for the reception are at the parish office and fixed the screen door that the large German Shepherd, named Kaiser, likes to try to jump through when he sees children.

Finished product. The secretery Rosarita seemed pleased.

I'm sure those small slats will stop the 75 lb. dog.

Is this the playground equipment you worked on a few years ago, Shannon?

Others dug trenches for water lines and painted tire fences.

Then, some recreation at the beach:

Playing with the volleyball

The Churro salesman was very popular. Churro is similar to American funnel cakes. They were cooked in that cart and served immediately.

Me. I got the hat from Fr. Pablo at La Morita.

Um, a message for my wife. Yeah, that's it.  : )

(and sorry if the formatting is screwed up, I finally got the post to look okay on this machine!)


  1. That's probably the same playground area, but it is definitely different equipment. I'm glad that it seems to have gotten an upgrade.

  2. That's not even the equipment that was in La Morita when I was there last summer. FANCY! - Erin B