Wednesday, July 2, 2008

This here is funny

Joe Cocker at Woodstock (1969), closed-captioned...

Thanks to Orin's wife and our friend Corinne for the lead...


  1. Those captions made my day. Truthfully though that is my favorite version of that song and my favorite Woodstock performance.

    An interesting note is that the Beatles had only recorded that song 2 years earlier. That would be like someone doing a Gospel version of "Just Because You Can" right about now.....

  2. Well...get on it.

  3. As a child who grew up watching "The Wonder Years" (on rerun...but it was still a great part of my formative years) this makes me nostalgic!

  4. Also, the fact that he's rocking that hard on NO GUITAR AT ALL is priceless.