Sunday, July 13, 2008


Today, I(Shannon)am heading to the metropolis of Russellville, MO for a service/retreat camp called Christpower. This program, an idea started in St. Louis, MO several years ago, will gather 49 teens from around the Diocese of Jefferson City for a week of service and deepening of faith. I will serve as the Music Coordinator.

Our theme for the week is Mercy At Work, an idea taken from Isaiah 58: 6-14. Our theme SONG for the week was written by Orin. Yay! To hear it find the pODDcast on the right side of this page, click "posts" and scroll down to Mercy At Work.

This post is probably good enough on it's own, but I found this video of my son Noah attacking a balloon and couldn't resist:


  1. My prayers are with Christ Power this week. And for Shannon, as I hear the teens are looking for someone new to pick on full time....

  2. I've been lighting candles in church and saying prayers for you guys all week - I'm so sad I couldn't make it a 5th year, but still...
    You guys keep going. Hope to hear from you again after you rest up!