Monday, July 21, 2008

Erin's Birthday Weekend

Orin's wife Erin celebrated a birthday on the 18th. Here are a few pictures of the celebrations.

The night before her birthday, Orin and Erin stayed at HoteLumiere, which is not the new hotel Erin is sadly pointing at in the picture.  We thought it was, but oh well.  We did have a good time though!

On Sunday, Erin planned a big bingo extravaganza.  Earlier in the afternoon, Many folks came over to prepare by eating lots of food and decorating bingo bags.  Here's Erin and Elise.

Guess who made this bag.

Then later it was off to bingo at St. Stephen's in Caseyville, IL.  We took over two tables with 18 or so people.  No one one, though Katie did have a "wait" (being one number away) on the final game, a cover-all with a $500 prize.  At the above table was Orin (taking the picture) and Br. Ricky, "Aunt" Peggy, Mom Pam, Jennifer, Jason, Br. Ray, and Emily.

At this table were Pete, Danielle, Katie, Megan, Brad, Jolene, The Birthday Girl, Erin C, Elise, and Stefanie.  A good time was had by all (we think)!  Happy birthday Erin!

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