Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hey everybody, a friend of ours, Doug, just started a new website and he wanted us to help spread the word.  Doug says:

The Story: Last year I made a trivia game for our Jr. High Youth Ministry, and I had several parents ask me to make an version with tougher questions for them, so . . .  I set up a Catholic trivia site: www.smartcatholic.net -- Then, I did a Google search for catholic trivia and found some good . . . and some bad information about the Catholic Church.

So pay his new site a visit, and let him know what you think!

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  1. Thanks for the link love. I have a link from my personal page to Oddwalk, but I'm thinking of how I can set up a blogroll on my other sites too.

    Why do you have your blog on bloger? why not put host it on your oddwalk page? that will help bring people to your main page. This way you're just helping google . . . I'm a big fan of google, but they're doing well enough on their own.

    I'd be happy to help if you want.