Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Orin at YNIA in DC - Update #2

Monday at Young Neighbors in Action was pretty busy for Orin. During each week of YNIA, Monday is typically the day when the parish groups make their way to their work sites for the first time. Usually the three staff members, the Site Coordinator, the Program Director, and The Prayer and Music Coordinator, drive around to the various work sites to learn about the service being done and offer support for the parish groups. Here are some highlights from Monday:

This picture was taken at St. Anthony's, the host site for their Young Neighbors week. Orin's note to me was that this was 'indeed a long fence'. Good thing they labeled it:

This is artwork being done at United Communities Against Poverty, Inc. or UCAP, one of the work sites for the week:

This is the Orin we know:

A pledge posted at UCAP:

The next two pictures are of work being done at one of the service locations that supports poor immigrant families:

The Community for Creative Non-Violence, another work site:

This is something called the "Peace Machine" being done at something called 'Peace Camp' (stop me if you're tired of all the detail.):

Since there are no shower facilities at St. Anthony's, the whole group has to travel to St. Anselm High School each day for a shower. This is an interesting corpus Orin found one one of the walls there:

Each night of Young Neighbors, the participants learn various aspects of their faith and Church teaching where it pertains to justice and service. On Monday night, they learned the different principles of Catholic Social Teaching. Here are some of the posters created during that process:

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