Friday, July 11, 2008

Orin at YNIA in DC - Update #4

Hello! Here is yet another update from the Young Neighbors adventure that Orin finds himself on this week. It sounds like they're doing very well and having some great experiences in our nation's Capitol. Here are some of the highlights from Thursday:

This picture was taken on the drive to one of the work sites. This location is called the International House of Prayer. Anyone want to guess what it used to be called?

Apparently some body art and t-shirt making broke out at Peace Camp:

One of the work groups helped to clear brush at a house being looked after by Mary House, one of the work sites for the week:

At the Community for Creative Non-Violence or CCNV, participants watch a video on the history of the organization. Apparently, CCNV's headquarters used to house naval offices before the Pentagon was built:

As we've mentioned before, Orin is serving as the Prayer and Music Coordinator this week. This picture shows teens working to plan one of the prayer services:

One of the nights of Young Neighbors is typically focused on learning about a different culture or two. On Thursday night, the participants ate an El Salvadorian meal and took part in a Brazilian-African drumming and dancing demonstration:

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