Wednesday, December 12, 2007

With One Final Click...

...of the "submit" button, Orin has finished his last class at Aquinas Institute of Theology. Yay! While happy and relieved, there is still the matter (in the Spring) of the major paper and the written and oral exit exams... But still! Classroom lectures, note-taking, etc. — things of the past!

When I started school, I posted my first small assignment as it tells a story I often tell when out Oddwalking. I won't bother posting this last assignment, a take-home Church History final exam, unless anyone really wants to know what I think about the Christological divide between Cyril and Nestorius, the far-reaching effects of the Fourth Lateran Council, or whether or not Christianity can be described as a European religion.

Instead, let me share this parting thought with you, though we've already noted it's not entirely true:

"No more pencils! No more books!
No more teacher's dirty looks!"

Pictured is Fr. Dominic Holtz, OP, my Church History professor and academic adviser. He's nicer and funnier than this picture would lead you to believe. Picture swiped from


  1. You do realize that that quote is from Alice Cooper's Hit "School's Out for Summer", right? It's okay that he quoted that though, it definitely ups his cool factor by, like 10 points.

  2. I would like to say the following things.

    1) My professor didn't say that. Neither did I, except on the blog.

    2) I'm pretty sure Alice Cooper did not originate that quote. Decades and decades of elementary school kids did.


  3. just to be fair, i swiped that picture from

    and it's true - it only shows one side of Rev. D. Holtz, O.P.

  4. All I have to say is, congratulations, Orin! And good luck with all the finals and things. I'm taking my semester finals this week. Ew.