Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Great Ice Storm of '07

As many of you know, the midwest was hit hard by an ice storm this weekend. Many people are without power and therefore (in most cases), without heat as well. We know a good number of people in and around Fulton, including Erin and I, who are having to bounce from house to house in order to stay warm, get a shower, and have a comfortable place to eat and relax. Some people, however, don't have a home to begin with and are just looking for a place to get in out of the cold. We want to make sure we keep all of these folks in our prayers.

For those faithful Oddblog watchers who don't happen to live in the midwest, I snapped a few pictures of trees with my phone to give you a sense of the destruction caused by the ice storm. This is representative of the scene around much of this part of Missouri:

This is a small tree just outside the St. Peter parish office and church where I work:

Here is another tree on Missouri's Capital grounds which is across from St. Peter Church:

Here is the same tree from a different angle. Notice the branches lying flat on the ground. There are thousands of trees just like this one all over mid-Missouri:

Many of the trees were not damaged and were made beautiful with an ice covering. This tree is from Dan and Bobbie Ramsay's (Erin's parents) back yard in Holts Summit, MO:

Mostly ice and very little snow means it's too dangerous to go outside. These conditions can make a tree year-old do this:

Some of us were fortunate enough to not be too strongly affected by these storms. If you can count yourself in that group, please consider making a donation to your local shelter or food bank. This can include money, clothing, blankets, coats, food, etc.


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  1. We've been getting a lot of ice today in K-ville too...on my way to class I saw what I thought was a good sized branch fall. As I walked by I tried to locate the tree it belonged to and became very confused because there were no trees around. It would have literally had to jump of the tree to get where it landed. Then I realized it was actually a small tree that had toppled over and I felt a little dumb! :)