Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Oddwalk and Large Animal Statuary

A week ago, Oddwalk visited the Diocese of Norwich, CT for a couple evenings of Advent fun and prayer. During free time one day, we visited an OMI retreat house in Willimantic and Oddwalk friend Fr. Chava Gonzales. As we were leaving the site, our host, Janet, suggested we should visit the frog bridge while we were close.

This sounded like something Oddwalk should do.

The story (one of may, I'm told) is that the frogs saved the town one night during the American Revolution. British soldiers were advancing on the town under cover of darkness. The frogs, however, were awakened by them, and made so much noise that the townspeople were alerted, and rose to defend themselves.

The frogs are sitting on giant spools, as thread-making was once the city's main industry.

Oddwalk has a history with encountering giant animals on trips. Recall a few months ago when we met a giant pheasant just outside of Huron, SD?

Here's a reminder:

And here's last week (Notice any similarities?):

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  1. Well, you should have been there as the famous frog bridge was being built. It was really quite a site! And usually they wear a festive bright red scraf for the holiday season!