Thursday, January 19, 2006

Classes Begin!

What? Didn't school get going last August?

Well, for a lot of people, yes, but not for Orin. He began on Tuesday his pursuit of a Masters Degree in Theology (litugical focus) at Aquinas institute of Theology in St. Louis, near Saint Louis University.

This semester his three classes are: 1) Intro to Theology and Theological Method, 2) Foundations of Moral Theology, and 3) History of the Church II (Reformation to Present)...

I know, how exciting can it get! But my first micro-paper is already due Tuesday. Worry not, it was an easy one: what is the context of your theological studies: questions, experiences, etc. A lot of what Oddwalk does is sharing these questions and experiences with young people - my first paper is essentially a weightier version of a story you all may have heard me tell: 4-year old Orin goes into his backyard to say "Here I am, Lord!" I may post it here eventaully.

Prayers are accepted during this time, as I also have full-time Shrine work, Oddwalk appearances, Chamber Chorus, Archdio Chorus, Shaare Emeth Services (how many of you knew I was plaing at a Jewish Temple now too)...

It should be about 13-14 classes for my degree, hopefully in 3 years or less.

I look forward to deepeing my faith and its understanding and practices, and hopefully sharing a bit of that with you, in a more down-to-earth style.



  1. think you're better than me?


  2. Well, all I'm saying is dn't let my diploma-laden wall crush you next time you come by...

    Because, yes, diplomas are all you need for a satisfying and productive life.


  3. and by dn't I mean don't.

    (It's not Aquinas Institute of Spelling and Typos.)

  4. You also have a wife and two gorgeous dogs at home...