Friday, January 19, 2007

A Rockin' Birthday

Oddwalk would like to wish our friend Ricky a very happy birthday this coming Sunday. Shannon, Erin, and family traveled to Columbia, MO tonight to have dinner and hang out with Ricky's family and friends. It was quite the bash. It featured:

miniature guitar heros:

and bobbing for Noah's toys:

Happy Birthday Ricky!


  1. I want to clarify. I only wanted to see what Noah was so excited about. Also, I totally got 5 stars on Freebird later that night. In unrelated news, my life is a perpetual Nerd Alert.

  2. It's alright Ricky. No need to explain! Excuses aren't needed! Besides, what happened at your party, is SUPPOSED to STAY at your party! Right Shannon? I just have one question...was there alcohol at this party?? Just kidding! When in as the Romans do!

    Love you guys!