Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Oddwalk: Stayin' Alive

Karaoke at the Diocese of Austin TX Youth Conference, January 6, 2007:

We might note that this video is completely unedited.


  1. I would ask if you two were drunk, if it wasn't for you being at a Diocesan Youth Conference... *sighs and shakes head*

  2. 1) Never could hit falsetto that high. Amazing, even in parody.

    2) When my wife thinks I'm off my rocker, I have this linked in my favorites to show it's an occupational hazard.

    3) AUSTIN rocks! I hope you two rocked the good people there.

    Peace and all good things.

  3. Is my cough medicine kicking in or did I just see Orin and Shannon perform "Stayin' Alive?" Whatever, was trying to "stay alive" is surely dead.

  4. The singing is bad, but the dancing is horrific. -Erin S

  5. Sorry guys, but uh...I'm watching American Idol and I'm gonna take a line from Simon...

    "You have got to be the WORST singers in America!"

    And Paula...

    "I'm gonna have to say no. But I like the nametags!"

    And Randy...

    "Sorry dawg! But I just don't think you've got it!"

    I do love you guys though!