Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The passing of a keytar

Sunday morning, Orin's keytar, the Yamaha SHS-10, blew a key, the G right in the middle of the keyboard. Repair and resuscitation attempts have proved futile.

Right in the middle of "Get It Together" the keytar key snapped off. In an attempt to reattach it later, half of the keys became non-functional. Alas, the keytar has passed. It will be kept for sentimental reasons and possibly for pictures and marketing purposes...

However, while it could never be replaced, a new keytar is on the way - yes, an actual, honest-to-goodness new keytar, a Roland AX-7, pictured here:

Should arrive in about a week. Woo!


  1. Not the Oddwalk Keytar, anything but the Oddwalk Keytar!!! We will miss you Oddwalk Keytar, you will always be in our memorys of Orin playing you as we all sang Jammin' With Jesus!

  2. *sniff* I loved that keytar. I felt an odd connection with it during last weekend.

    But, though the new one looks doesnt have that "classic" look.

    Alas, all things must come to an end, especially this comment.

  3. As Anthony goes Oddwalk nation. That keytar was just like an associate's alternate keyboard to me.

  4. Oh no! It couldn't be! The Oddwalk Keytar?! How sad! I believe you all summed it up pretty well. Oddwalk will never be the same! When's the funeral??