Friday, January 12, 2007

Prayers for Ministry

A friend of Oddwalk's, Fr. Ron Meyer, OMI visits rural parishes and attempts renewal programs within them. Orin has helped with one local to St. Louis before. Oddwalk understands what it's like to be "on the road for God" -- Fr Ron writes with this prayer request:

Dear Orin,
Greetings from the Motel 8 in Meridian, MS ... yes, Mississippi! I'm on
my way (from Lowell) to Texas for a series of Missions ... AND WE NEED

Not only will we have a smaller team than we planned, but we'll be
working mostly in Spanish (which I only learned to speak/understand a
month ago after two months in Mexico!) ... and we're being opposed by
those who don't like our Roman Catholic way of doing things. It's going
to be an uphill battle against the devil this time ... but one made
possible by the victory of Jesus Christ over evil and the graces
available to us through prayer and sacrifice. Your prayers (and the
prayers of anyone else you might be able to recruit among your many
'ODDWALK' associates) are very important in this effort.

God bless you for supporting us (a team of Oblate Clergy and Laity) as
we go about spreading God's Word, under Mary's care and protected by
the Saints and Angels who enjoy one another in God's presence. Remember
us especially when you find yourself in the presence of the Blessed
Sacrament. We'll return the favor during our daily hour before the

On the Road for God ... about 350 miles East of Houston TX
Fr. Ron Meyer, OMI

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