Friday, August 25, 2006

Possibly the Greatest Website Ever

Those of you who don't follow the St. Louis Cardinals, probably have no idea who Mike Shannon is. Mike Shannon played for the Cardinals in the 1960s until an injury ended his career. He then became an announcer (along with Hall of Famer Jack Buck) on KMOX broadcasts of Cardinal games, where he has been for 36 years.

Mike Shannon is one of the more colorful broadcasters around, and now there is a website that has been created to celebrate what we call "Shannonisms". What are Shannonisms, you ask? Click here, and enjoy!


  1. Shannon,
    Were you named after Mike Shannon?
    Is "Shannon" your real name? Maybe you just like Mike Shannon and wanted to be like Mike? HMMM???

  2. Dear Robert the Bird,

    That's an interesting name. Were you born with feathers. Did your mom feed you by putting things in her mouth and lowering them into yours. Can you fly? How old are you...I mean...when did you hatch?

    Just wondering.