Saturday, August 26, 2006

Erin's Lucky Labor Shirt

When I got home from work this afternoon, my wife was wearing this shirt:

She calls it her lucky labor shirt, because it's the one she was wearing when she went into labor with our daughter, Madeleine. She is ready to have the baby and is hoping that the wearing of this shirt will help. She has sworn not to wear a different shirt until she has the baby. The due date is tomorrow, so we'll probably have some exciting news (and pictures) sometime this week.

Keep those prayers coming.


P.S. Fans of Apex Ministries will probably recognize this shirt as the "blue banana" shirt.


  1. feel the power of the blue banana

  2. I hope that labor comes quickly or the blue banana might not be so pleasant to the nose.

    I too shall stay anonymous!!

  3. The power of the blue banana must have faded (the shirt is five years old, after all), because I wore it for about 24 hours - don't worry, I didn't leave the house- without any results.