Thursday, August 31, 2006

Not Sure What I Should Title This

So, the blog had something like 106 visitors yesterday, 36 already today, and over 400 for the week. That's like 10 times the usual.

If I, Orin, knew my keytar posts were so popular, I'd have been putting them up here several times a day.

Here's a cartoon I found at that not only features a keytar, but it's also not completely inconsistent with Orin's childhood.

Perhaps this will be what Noah has most to look forward to? One can only dream.


PS - Yes, I am a little jealous of all the attention. Why, why can't people look past the focus-stealing keytar and see the *true* Orin? Why???


  1. I think you were separated from that keytar at birth and are only now starting to reconnect. Welcome home!

  2. Dear Orin,
    More Noah! Less Keytar!
    your wife