Friday, April 18, 2008


A year and a half ago, we mentioned an area minor earthquake here on the blog.  Today's was a little bit bigger - 5.2 on the richter scale, about 120 miles east of St. Louis at about 4:36am.  I (Orin) don't know if Shannon felt anything another 120 miles or so west, but we got woken up and lightly bounced around for probably 20 seconds or so.  No damage, I guess, except one road near our house had a bit of crumbling concrete (see the picture).  Read more here.

Now we wait for any aftershocks!  Whee!


  1. I didn't feel anything. No puny earthquake is going to wake ME up!

  2. Ha! Ha! I didn't feel it, but a town about 15 miles away did! We are a couple hours from St. Louis.

  3. The epicenter was 5 miles northeast of were I live. It rumbled pretty good here.