Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Minor Earthquake!

So, Erin and I (Orin) were up watching TV (The Colbert Report) on our new DVR (yay!) about 11pm last night, and suddenly, there's a bump that lasts about a second or less. I felt the whole house move, so did Erin, probably like 1/32 of an inch or something. It felt as if a really slow moving really heavy truck had come to a stop by bumping our house. I looked at her, she looked at me. She used to live next to a small airport and wondered if a little sonic boom had happened... We shrugged, and kept watching TV, and eventually went to bed.

So, this morning I'm driving to the Shrine, and hear on KMOX news that about 11pm last night there was a mild (2.x on the Richter Scale) earthquake in Cahokia, right across the river from STL and where Erin grew up. No damage, injuries, most slepping probably didn't even know about it. Of course, I can't find a link to prove it to you, but I'll be back when one turns up.

I experienced a similar earthquake when I was about 9 years old as my family was visiting friends in South Dakota. It was a little stronger and longer, felt like a large truck (again) was driving along the bumpy road outside (which didn't exist). You just don't expect happenings like this in this part of the country, and when those moments occur, earthquakes aren't first on the list of things you think about...


Update: Ah, here we go: rumble rumble

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