Wednesday, November 2, 2005

A new hobby for Orin

This afternoon I had the opportunity to participate in a "Thank You" dinner for the three quilting groups in our parish. I played a couple of songs and had dinner at a table with six or seven other quilting ladies. For some reason our conversation got around to cell phones and I was commenting on all the things that Orin's phone could do, such as play movies and record things. The ladies were puzzled by the "movie" feature on his phone and I explained that if he was, for instance, waiting for a flight at the airport, that this option might come in handy. It was then that one of the ladies told me to suggest to him that he take up knitting as a hobby. I told them that I would. Secretly I knew, though, that unless knitting was a feature on his phone, or unless Macintosh came out with i-knitting, it was never going to happen.


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