Wednesday, April 2, 2008

OddPoll: Who is the "Yoko" of Oddwalk?

We've gotten a number of entertaining reactions to yesterday's April Fool's Announcement that Oddwalk was breaking up.  Here's a sampling:

Nice April Fools blog. I went to your site thinking "I wonder if they got a joke up?" (Ricky)

Stealthy. (Ricky again)

It says on your facebook profile that you guys are breaking up... for real?
What's up with that? (Paul)

I have to go know, the sting of the tears is too much. (Sean)

okay--you got me on that one--thanks for the laugh!! (Jared)

Uhhh... you guys like.... um stink (or substitute harsher, stronger word).  You got me... (Paul again)

ODDWALK breaking up...and Shannon is cheering for the Cubs (Roberto el Birdo)

Is there anything that photoshop cannot do?!? (Orin's wife, Erin H)

I am now a professional golfer on Wii sports, which is pretty good considering I don't play all that often. (Ricky again, though I'm not so sure this comment is specifically about our April Fools joke)

Perhaps the funniest remark though came from our friend Gene of Apex Ministries:

it was great working with you guys.
sad to see you go. (who is the yoko of Oddwalks?)

With such inspiration, we announce a new OddPoll: 

Who is/was/will be the "Yoko" of Oddwalk?
-The Oddwalk Keytar
-Erin C
-Erin H
-Yoko Ono

You can only select one answer, and have a week to mull it over.  As always, you can find the OddPoll over in the side bar.  Good luck, and happy voting!


  1. Keytar trumps all. It's like getting the Helen Keller card in Apples to Apples.

  2. Also, please consider that LInda McCartney was, in my opinion, equally culpable for the break-up. Yoko doesn't need that rap alone. (I sorta had a Beatles obsession at 14.)

  3. I had a girlfriend once that my friends nicknamed Yoko. That didn't go over well.......we broke up over creative differences.

  4. An additional, later-received reaction:

    you guys are %$@&*^ nuts! (michael c at GIA)

  5. I hope you set Gene straight. Don't want him getting stressed.

  6. Hurry! Only 7 seconds to vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Results!

    -Shannon = 0
    -Orin = 0
    -The Oddwalk Keytar = 2
    -Erin C = 1
    -Erin H = 2
    -Yoko Ono = 6

    It will be interesting to see how Yoko first becomes a part of the Oddwalk story, then proceeds to break us up (for reals).