Monday, April 14, 2008

Oh Henry!

This past Thursday, Oddwalk put on a performance for the PSR program at St. Henry Church in Belleville, IL. We were excited about the opportunity to return, as we had presented there in 2007 as well. It's actually where our video of "The Cubs Song/Old Irish Blessing" comes from.

The show went very well. Thanks to everyone who had a hand in bringing us back. Thanks especially to the young people whose singing and participation made the show a success.

The most entertaining part of the evening might have been when the son of one of the organizers, an excitable little five year-old boy named Jay, made his presence known.

As people were arriving at the Church, Jay welcomed them in yelling: "Welcome to the Happy Monster Band"! Trying not to take that too personally, we later found out that the "Happy Monster Band" is actually a show on Playhouse Disney. WHEW!

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