Friday, November 16, 2007

Rock the Rock

Leaving the Comedy Club at NCYC a week ago, a young person threw a shirt at Shannon.  Orin was racing ahead and Shannon was in a hurry too as we had another concert appearance to get to right away.

Anyway, when we examined the shirt later, we discovered it had a picture of St. Peter on the front posing with a keytar!  Saturday was Keytar Appreciation Day after all!  The back has the LifeTeen logo and the parish of St. Peter's in Hoover Alabama printed on it.

The shirt is most awesome.

Thanks to whoever threw this shirt at us in celebration of Keytar Appreciation Day, especially all the young folks in Hoover, AL!


Oddwalk sent a thank you message to the folks in St. Peters and heard back from their Youth Minister almost immediately.  Her message, like the shirt, is also most awseome!

Orin -

glad you are enjoying the shirt...the teens were really excited when they saw the keytar come out b/c we're probably the only youth group in the world that has a shirt featuring one! our youth group motto is "rock the rock"...and, from that idea we developed the idea that st. peter is The Rock and that he ROCKS! so, he ended up with a keytar b/c he holds the "keys" to heaven and the keys that rock heaven is obviously a keytar!

i'll pass on the message about your blog...the teens will be THRILLED!! thanks for all you do...keep it up!


Rebecca S. Rosko
LifeTeen Youth Minister
St. Peter the Apostle Catholic Church


  1. We took the liberty of moving Rebecca's comment up to the post she probably meant to comment on...

    wow, i feel famous...ha ha ha ha! can't wait to spread the word to check out your blog! thanks for sharing our story!

  2. thanks for recognizing our church! rebecca sent us the link to the blog and once it opened i was so excited to see our green shirt!

  3. That's my sister! i'm so proud. Though to old to officially "rock the rock" in youth group, i was bestowed one of the hallowed keytar shirts and wear it with great pride.

  4. I am a member of St. Peter's Lifeteen's Core Team and I must say that is one of my favourite youth group shirts. My husband (who also works with the youth with me) has one and I think he looks very groovy in it. Now I need one! :)

  5. That shirt...uh, ROCKS! :D That's pretty sweet! Where do I get one??? ;p

  6. I am so glad to see that you love our shirt! Keep ROCKing the ROCK!

    ~Erin, member of St. Peter's Lifeteen, Hoover, AL