Monday, November 12, 2007

Memories of NCYC 2007

Just before leaving, Orin got to visit his Ford Escort one last time and reclaim the license plates.

Orin's new car achieved 1,000 miles just before arriving in Columbus, OH.

The proud buyer of Walk Away Different CD #1! Oddwalk got to see the CD in person for the first time at NCYC.

GIA exec Michael Cymbala at the GIA booth just across from Oddwalk's. We have another picture we promised we wouldn't publish. Let's just say Michael was exploring his vocation options. Also, note the large Oddwalk CD hanging in the back.

Another GIA friend, Andrew at the booth.

Several participants posed for some pictures with the Oddwalk Keytar!

Best hairstyles of the conference!

Oddwalk friend Will from Omaha helps celebrate Keytar Appreciation Day

Another young lady even wrote us a rap for Keytar Appreciation Day, we think titled "Keytar Paradise" - Thanks!

If we get anymore pictures, video, etc. from NCYC 2007 and Keytar Appreciation Day, we'll be sure to let you all know! Check back here!


  1. You know what they used to call lard CDs? Records. You guys should come out with some. I would totally play them on my record player here at school!

  2. :D Hee! Hee! I LOVE ODDWALK MINISTRIES!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Crap! You know what I meant! Maybe I shouldn't be an English major after all...