Tuesday, November 13, 2007

More NCYC 2007 Pics

More pictures from Columbus, OH - Thanks to Erin C and family!

The display for Oddwalk's new CD at the GIA booth

Orin tries to convince folks that keytars are cool.

The Oddwalk booth set up for a festive Keytar Appreciation Day

Noah forgot his spandex, but still rocked the keytar

The proud winner of the air keytar (also pictured: a shirt made just for the day)


  1. OH! Again...I'm so sorry I missed you! :(( But I do like the fact that you color-coordinated your shirts for the day. :D

  2. By the way...Orin, that's a good look for you :D, the booth looks great, Noah is ADORABLE, and since I didn't get to stop by, I didn't get to buy "Walk Away Different." Bummer...but I just keep telling myself it's all part of God's Plan.