Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Oddwalk at NCYC

The Oddwalk caravan successfully arrived at NCYC in Columbus, OH earlier tonight. It was a long day - Orin got a chance to say goodbye to his beloved Ford Escort and watched his new Mazda 3 clear 1,000 miles (pictures of both to follow) among other things.

We'll have more updates as the days go by, but for now, we're tired, so we'll sign off. Stay tuned for more pictures, maybe some video, and all the excitement of NCYC 2007, especially Saturday, Keytar Appreciation Day!


  1. As the saying goes, "Break a leg!"

    Orin, this does not mean "Break the fibers in the material of your pant leg."!!!

    May the Holy Spirit be in your every note!!

  2. Ha! Ha! Ha! That's funny! Orin, I didn't get to ask you if you had ripped pants this time! :p But I don't THINK you did! If you did, you did a good job covering it up! I didn't get to talk to you much and I'm sorry. (Or maybe you're welcome!) But thanks for the great time! HI MATILDA THE GORILLA! AND CHICKENWIRE JOE! I saw the Oddwalk family (Madeleine and Noah are so cute!) but not you Shannon and Orin...At least since the Diocesan gathering...hmm.....