Monday, October 15, 2007

Why Do Shannon's Blog Post Titles Always Contain Bad Puns?

Or, "I'm Tire"d, Part II (by Orin)

Saturday Morning, Oddwalk hopped in their rental car and drove 5 hours west to Cedar Rapids, IA for a middle school rally, themed "SuperGod" as evidenced by the picture of the team members' shirts.

Oddwalk had a great time, and a couple pictures will help tell the story. First, as part of the art and environment for the day, the team attempted to put a Superman mannequin in a mock-up of a
phone booth. Superman turned out to be really short, and his head wouldn't stay on. Also, he had the head of a woman:

During the day, Oddwalk business cards and stickers were very popular. After taking this pic, Orin informed the youth that they should check the website in a few days to see it. One of the youth with the sticker-card-beard asked if we had any paper so he could write down the website. Orin lifted the bottom of the bear up in front of the young man's eyes and said, "Here it is."

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  1. I'm glad you didn't end up hating everyone in Iowa with your serious lack of sleep.

    I love the picture with the super"man" head.