Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sweepstakes Winner Revealed!

So, late last night, Orin and Shannon continued to analyze the data available to us - fully aware that information contained within it was of the utmost importance, for what else might reveal to us and indeed the world the Oddbog Sweepstakes grand prize winner?

It soon became apparent to us that Erin H was visitor 10,000 (and has since chosen for herself the honorific title "Queen of the Universe" - like she always does), so we turned our attention to visitor 10,001. This was more of a mystery, but it became clear after a time that visitor 10,001 was...

[wait for it]

Shannon Cerneka after all - yep, the evidence led us to no other conclusion. So, we had to turn to visitor 10,002 to find our winner, and that person is...

[insert dramatic timpani roll here]

Sydnee Re Kuster, of Bunceton, MO!

Syd, just drop us an email via the links in the sidebar to let us know how you wish to use your $30 Oddwalk merchandise prize. We won't even make you pay for shipping!

Thanks to all who played, especially those who tried so hard to win - Marianne, Monica, and others... We'll try to have another sweepstakes soon - after all, it only took us a little over 2 years to get to this milestone, how far off could the next one be?


  1. ...especially if that milestone is 10,020. Hooray! I win! -Erin B

  2. Dude, will 30 oddbucks buy that timpani? That's what I would go with.

  3. Thank you! Thank you! Ricky...I'll have to check on that. We really need new timpani at school anyway. :D

  4. Oh yes, congratulations Erin and good try to everyone else. I know that was already said but it's true. And good try especially to Marianne and Monica...you put up a good fight! I guess I could split between everyone and we'd just have to share a shirt/CD. ;p Or magnets or pins! :D

  5. Sorry sorry sorry. I keep forgetting something as usual. Now what did I want to say??? :D Just kidding this time! I have to say, I think this is about the first time I've ever one anything. Except I won Simon Says for the first time in my life when Steve Angrisano was here. I still can't figure out how I didn't smile! Hmmm...Shannon, maybe you're my good luck charm! :D Would you go with me to buy a lottery ticket??? Dang... I'm not 18 yet...we'll just have to wait a few months! ;p You even cured my stage fright at the rally last year too! Love ya!