Monday, October 8, 2007

Sweepstakes - Mystery Winner?

Well, Erin H was right - she was the 10,000th visitor according to SiteMeter, and can now claim in victory some honorific title of her choosing.


She cannot claim the sweepstakes prize, which is not available to immediate family. So, what can we tell, from the Oddblog comments and from SiteMeter, about visitor 10,001?

The comments on the post sure make it seem like it was Oddwalk friend Monica S, but the SiteMeter reports that visit 10,001 was in Fulton, MO - where the Cernekas live, but what SiteMeter reports about the machine that checked the blog seems to rule out their laptop as the visiting machine.

Visitor 10,001 appears to be from Fulton, MO, using a PC running Windows XP with Internet Explorer 6.0 and a screen resolution of 800x600. Also, this person (or the machine they were on) connected to the internet via The time of the visit was 10:01:49, and they left the page by clicking on, well, the SiteMeter link, not surprisingly.

Who could this be? Is it you? Let us know by 11pm central time Tuesday, 24 hours from now. You can post in the comments or drop an email, using the links in the sidebar. If visitor 10,001 remains a mystery (or turns out to be a Cerneka after all), the prize, after 11pm Tuesday night, will then go to visitor 10,002 - and we've got a pretty good idea who that is already.

Visitor 10,001 - step forward and claim your Oddblog Sweepstakes Grand Prize!

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