Friday, June 29, 2007

Happy iDay!

Today, at 6pm local time, all across the country, Apple Inc. will unleash it's iPhone upon the world. (We at the Oddblog are happy to provide this informational service, as we're certain none of our readers have heard anything at all about the iPhone recently.)

The world may never be the same. What have you done to prepare?


  1. I have just been given an Apple, Inc. Press release FROM THE FUTURE (because I'm cool like that):

    "Dear Apple Fans,
    Today, Saturday June 7, 2007, I would like to announce the release of the real iPhone. The previous iPhone (released one week ago)is now obsolete (SUCKAHS!). The REAL iPhone (released today) is far superior. The main improvement lies in the fact that the battery life, instead of lasting 2 minutes, will now last 3 minutes (this is based strictly on turning the phone on and off, other applications such as internet, video, picture, and actual phone calls will use more battery and therefore decrease your battery life). As a result of these extreme improvements, the price will now be $1000 (without tax). Unfortunately, all iPhones released last week will cease to function. However, if you keep them until the release of the new Harry Potter movie (from Warner Bros!), they will transfigure themselves into ponies (however, we recommend you dispose of them before the release of book seven--Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, brought to you by Scholastic!--on July 20, because they may transfigure into hungry Dementors)! In conclusion, I recommend buying the new iPhone because it will be a lasting* investment!


    Apple, Inc.

    *The new iPhone is guaranteed to be the most up to date version of the iPhone for at least 2 weeks. Beyond that, we make no guarantees."

    Just thought I would share the news!

  2. I would like to say the following things.

    1) June 7 2007 is not the future.

    2) Battery life *is* pretty good on the iPhones

    3) It is a little high priced, that should change

    4) This was funny and clevel, if a little sarcastic.

  3. Yeah, I meant July 7 (oops!).

    Glad you thought it was "clevel". :)