Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sit and Savor: Video Proof

On Saturday, June 9, Orin helped out (without Shannon in tow) at an event called "Sit and Savor" that took place where he goes to graduate school, Aquinas Institute of Theology. He was told he should "be funny for 15 minutes or so." Orin's wife didn't believe he could do so, and couldn't be there in person to find out. Thankfully, there is digital proof available!

Here, Orin describes a partly-fictional scene where he learned that athletics was not what he was to be about in life:

In this clip, Orin sings both "Oh St. Joseph" and "Old Irish Blessing" -- we know we have a clip already which includes "Old Irish Blessing," but this one proves that it actually is a funny song, regardless of what Oddwalk's wives think:

Enjoy!  (And thanks to David Brinker for recording!)

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