Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sit and Savor

While not really an Oddwalk event, Orin wants to bring to your attention this "Coffee-house-esque" event coming up soon at Aquinas Institute, a fundraiser to help send AI's librarian Sr. Pat on a "Witness for Peace" trip to Colombia (spelling fixed!) - the South American country, not the city in IL or MO.

There will be lots of good music, storytelling, dance... and Orin. If nothing else, come for all that other stuff, I guess.

I was told I'd play a couple songs on the piano and then "be funny for 10 or 15 minutes." No, really.

Anyone got any ideas?


  1. While I don't have any ideas, I have to tell you that I wish I could go. However, that day is actually going to be my first time playing guitar in church! Good luck though! Have fun! I'll pray for you all!

  2. I'm thinking something like this.

  3. Hey, could tell some interrupting animal jokes for 10-15 minutes! Just insert different animals--it'll be great!

  4. What about singing Staying Alive? "Life going nowhere; somebody help me; somebody help me yeah"

  5. If you're talking about "Columbia, the South American country" then it's spelled Colombia. Then there isn't (supposedly) any confusion. -Erin B (used to be Erin S), trying to be helpful not scornful :)