Monday, June 26, 2006

Reflecting on YSP 2006

"Youth Sing Praise 2006: A Journey to Sainthood" is now behind us -- the youth put on a wonderful show, packed up their things, celebrated Mass one last time, and took off, most for home, some to other summer destinations.

I had a very different role this year at YSP. Usually I'm assistant music director, helping on the theatrical side. While I still did a little of that this year, my main role was to coordinate the prayer life for the week. What an awesome responsibility.

Everything went wonderfully well, crafting different services with the youth and trying to create a week-long journey to sainthood. While its nice to hear people come up and say they appreciated you, the prayers, the music, its even more gratifying when you can see the impact of the prayer-life without needing to be told directly about it. And I did.

It was sad for me, yesterday, cleaning up the chapel where we spent the most time praying. Taking down decorations, removing symbols, straightening chairs... It truly said to me "This is over, at least this year."

Our main symbol for our prayer for the week was a trunk, the sort you might pack up for a long journey. (Sorry, no pictures of it yet.) Best $1.61 I ever spent, I think, at a second-hand store in downtown Belleville.

May the effects of the wonderful week of YSP linger on in our youth and in our Church!

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  1. Orin you did an awesome job coordinating the prayer! I loved all of it and I felt like I really experienced new types of prayer. I'm already missing YSP so bad, but at least I'll see you every now and again before next year!