Sunday, June 11, 2006

Freeburg Fun

Yesterday evening, Oddwalk traveleled to Freeburg, Illinois for to help with a night planned for the teenagers of St. Joseph parish. Our responsibility was two-fold. The first part was to lead music for their "Youth" Mass, which coincided with the parish's regular 5pm, Saturday evening Mass. Even though we introduced them to a couple of songs that they had never heard before, the congregation responded very well. This was especially evident on our song for the Presentation of the Gifts, a relatively new song by Tom Booth called "Sacred Silence".

After Mass, we all made our way to the Parish Center for some pizza and a concert. Oddwalk did a lot of its regular stuff, but also threw in songs like "Pharaoh Pharoah" and "The Cubs Song". We wrapped up our set with Shannon's story about his experiences in Tijuana, Mexico followed by a prayerful singing of the new Oddwalk song, We Will Go, Lord.

Thanks to Georgia, Huelsman, Jeff Smythe, and all of the wonderful people at St. Joseph Parish for making us feel so welcome, and coming with an open heart. We look forward to seeing all of them very soon.

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